Instrument Specialists Since 1947

Instrument Specialists Since 1947

Instrument Specialists Since 1947Instrument Specialists Since 1947

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Band Instrument Specialists Since 1947

The Band Instrument Specialists since 1947  Marks Music opened its doors in 1947 at the corner of Fruit Ave. and Idaho St. in Farrell, PA. The brownstone building soon became a center of activity and excitement. Students from the surrounding communities filled the teaching studios and the area marching bands began to explode with talented students trained at the Marks Music studios.  Carl Marks Jr. established the store after studying clarinet at the prestigious Julliard School of Music in New York. His teachers throughout his life included the legendary Daniel Bonade and the incomparable Robert Marcellus. Marks continued studying clarinet, performing in symphonies, and teaching at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA and the Dana School of Music at Youngstown State University in Youngstown, OH. Carl was extremely involved in the clarinet world both with the most prominent professionals and the most outstanding students of the day. This passion for the clarinet determined Marks Music ‘s main focus which became the clarinet and accessories. Marks developed a clarinet philosophy that put Marks Music on the map. He became known for his vast selection of outstanding, hand-selected Buffet Clarinets, custom barrels, choice mouthpieces, and his exclusive Morre reed.  The Morre reed has become the industry standard. Its dimensions, thickness, and quality of cane have never been duplicated by any other reed manufacturer to this day. Carl was thrilled to be able to offer this outstanding product to the clarinet world. His reputation spread throughout the world. The world ‘s finest clarinetists would come through the doors on the corner of Fruit & Idaho and request that Marks select clarinets and accessories for them.  Carl Marks III is now at the helm. He upholds all the philosophies that have been handed down for 3 generations. Carl III specializes in instrument selection, instrument customizing, and repair. Stephen Marks, the 4th generations of Marks family, is also dedicated to running a quality, service oriented business.  Marks Music was a mail order business, before mail order businesses existed. Since 1947, instruments and accessories have been shipped throughout the world to some of the most notable clarinetists. Sometimes we at Marks Music feel we started the mail order business that the music industry knows today.  The Internet is now a technological tool to help us to continue what we already do. It will enable Marks Music to connect with the next generation of promising musicians.


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